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Hard-core baseball handicappers have employed Winning Points' unique Baseball Handicapping System since 1986, because it tells them where the money is. Profit-and-loss trends in multiple categories give our users the green light to swing away when the percentages are in their favor!
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Margin and Game Forecasts
Who'll win? And, more importantly, by how much? Up to 220 basketball games covered per week, presented in easy to follow Vegas rotation order! Predicted margin for every single main-board NBA and college basketball game - Thursday through Wednesday - along with more than 10,000 words of written game forecasts and projected final scores.

Starting Pitchers
Our records are not the same as your newspaper. If a pitcher starts a game, he gets the win if his team wins and vise versa. For example, if pitcher X leaves the game in a 4-4 tie, and his club loses 5-4, we give him the loss, in spite of no "official" decision for him. The reason: if you bet him, you lost.

Analyzes a team's offensive and defensive production vs. lefties and righties, at home and on the road, and further breaks it down into day and night games. This is the most important "offensive" chart. Most teams perform significantly better (or worse) vs. one side or the other.

Team vs. Team
Lets you see just how each team fared against every other team, You'd be surprised how often relatively weak teams have an edge against certain far more successful sides. Just what you need to spot that big money underdog that is ready to pull an upset.

Bullpen analysis
Don't underestimate the importance of an effective relief corps. We'll show you how each team fares overall, and how well they've done in the most recent ten day period!

Who's Hot?
A complete 10 day money profile detailing overall profit/loss, average runs scored and ERA among starters.

Some teams are proftable as favorites, other are a complete disaster. Some teams make money as underdogs, some teams do not. Keep track of every team as a favorite, as an underdog, and in pick 'em games as well!
NFL Point-Spread Database
Making NFL picks is easier when you have instant info like this!

College Football Point-Spread Database
ATS records for EVERY board team makes for sound college football picks.

NBA Point-Spread Database
Situational records that set the pace for your NBA picks.

College Basketball Point-Spread Database
College basketball picks need to be thoroughly researched. Do it now!
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